The list of current projects

The Gold Star Ride

The Gold Star Ride Foundation will actively support, comfort and provide education benefits to Gold Star Families throughout the United States and will provide these things directly with personal visits via motorcycle; and we will support those other organizations that work to assist in these same activities.


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Austin! A Love Story

A true story about Luke and Laura, teenagers who fall in love with the Minnesota National Guard deployed in their backyard for 2 months. Did we mention it was a true story?


We are currently in pre-pre-production on this project. We hoping to begin principle photography in 2020.



The Memory Righter Audio Play

An Audio CD program featuring a great cast and a wonderfully gripping science fiction story about hard work, love, and getting it right the first time.


This project was considered by the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences for a nomination to win a GRAMMY in 2016.



The Memory Righter Movie

Dominic is a single dad, ex navy seal, African American who has become a computer technician.  In his struggles to raise his adopted Native American son, he builds a computer that can record his own memories, then implant those memories into his son's mind.  He doesn't realize that when his son, Max, visits those memories, Max lives them like they are his own, and he behaves differently.  This changes the world today by changing one person's memory of it from yesterday.



The Bastard Project

The Bastard Project is our newest undertaking, even though we've been working on it for ten years. This is a true story about the old west, or, the old mid west. More details will be available as the project moves forward.



Coming Soon:

Billy and the Dollar: Our first short film. About Billy's 14th birthday and a seemingly innocent trip to the post office.


The Best Defense: A Novel following the adventures of a single dad chasing bad people around the world to recover his kidnapped children.


The Rags To Riches Project:  This project is not open for discussion.


I Am Damaged: A true story about the corruption that exists in the courts in the United States


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The Memory Righter

Austin! A Love Story

The Rags To Riches Project

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