About Us

ToMack Entertainment was born not in a day, but over a long period of time.


We started as a lunchtime conversation about movies way, way WAY back... more than a decade ago.


Since then, we have built, annalyzed, discovered, written, and lived.


Every day we grow a little more. Every day we write a little more. Every day we make another phone call, send another email, and get a little closer to acheiving those goals that are important to us.


At the end of the day, we tell stories.


Since one of our stories is being considered for a Grammy this year, we think we're doing something at least a little close to right.


Check back often. We change every day. (Well, we do. The web site might not.)

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The Memory Righter

Austin! A Love Story

The Rags To Riches Project

Yours, Very Sincerely and Respectfully





Please feel free to send us an email. We'll respond as quick as possible.


E-mail: assistant@tomackentertainment.com

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